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Short-term Course

Class Schedule

1)Monday to Friday, four lessons per day

2)School hours: 9:10am to 12:40pm

3)One lesson is for 45 minutes, and 10 minutes break between the lessons

Class fee

1)Lesson fees are calculated on the day basis (not lesson numbers taken).

2)Lesson fees differ from the number of days which are applied before entering the class.
Please refer to the following table.

Enrolled days5 to 49days50 to 99days100days or more
Entrance fee\30,000\30,000\30,000
lesson fee\3,000/day\2,800/day\2,500/day

3) Once fee is paid, classes are provided until all the days applied are finished without any expiration.

4) The fee is only for the class. The costs for attending school events, such as entrance ceremony, graduation ceremony and outdoor activities are not included.

5) The fee once paid shall not be refunded under any circumstances, even if the actual lesson days don't reach the days enrolled.
However, some part of the fee may be refunded, if we judge the refund to be reasonable and necessary.

6) Students need to bear the expenses, in case the students attending any extra school events.

7)It takes 20.000yen charge fee for the case to apply short term course visa documents from the school.

Important notes

1)Students can apply for Student card for \1,500 yen.

2)Students can use school facilities, such as Library, Study room and PC room.

3)Students are to submit the class taking schedule of the following month to school by the 25th of the month. If the number of days on which the class is not taken for the reason of long-term vacation etc. is given to school at the time of submitting the class taking schedule,
those days will be counted as non-lesson days.

4)If the class level doesn't suit to the student’s level, the student can request to place him/her in the suitable class to the Head teacher.