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It is very important to attend a class, but we would like our students to experience the real life in Japan. So we offer various opportunities to learn more about Japan outside of the class.

Party with Japanese University students

Our school has a connection with International Exchange Communication Clubs from Japanese University and High schools.
Our students enjoy communicating with Japanese Students of the same age in many different ways, like playing sports, making their national dishes and discussing the differences between their cultures and Japanese culture.
We believe that our students find it fun to communicate in Japanese with Native Japanese naturally.

Experiencing traditional Japanese culture

Japan has various kinds of traditional culture. At our school, our students try Japanese Tea Ceremony and Flower Arrangement.

Tea Ceremony:Students learn manners in Japan though the ceremony.
they are required to sit on the floor Japanese Style (to sit straight with your legs folded under you), but if they cannot, it`s okay to sit in a bit relaxed way.

Flower Arrangement:As knows as Ikebana.
Arranging different kinds of real flowers and display them beautifully.
They don’t have to sit on the floor as they do it on a desk.

Theme Parks

All students go to a Theme park twice in a year. They go around as a group, consists of students from different nationalities, within the park. They communicate in Japanese so that they can practice their Japanese conversation skills naturally.

Educational Fair

Our students attend Educational Fair held by Japanese Universities and Japanese Vocational schools.
Students can gather detailed information about the School where they want to study.