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It is very important to attend a class, but we would like our students to experience the real life in Japan. So we offer various opportunities to learn more about Japan outside of the class.

Japanese culture experience

We organize Japanese culture experience one day/year There are many kinds of Japanese culture experience from the traditional Japanese culure such as tea ceremony, making sushi or making animal candies or having the experience to dub anime, making Japanese sample food


Our school has many volunteer activities actively. Until now, we have done many activities such as cleaning the streets, folding the origami cranes for organ donation, making and sending aprons for persons who are working in nursing-care facility to preven the spread of Coronam

Theme Parks

All students go to a Theme park twice in a year. They go around as a group, consists of students from different nationalities, within the park. They communicate in Japanese so that they can practice their Japanese conversation skills naturally.

Educational Fair

Our students attend Educational Fair held by Japanese Universities and Japanese Vocational schools.
Students can gather detailed information about the School where they want to study.