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Our School Domitory and our neibourhood

We, Tokyo Ikuei Nihongo Gakuin, would like to introduce you our school dormitory, near the domitory's area in order to smoothrize overseas students concern, their guardians in their home country, so that students can thoroughly enjoy Japanese school life. Please select one which may appeal to you the most among from the following five rooms, filling out and to submit the both [Application of Student Dormitory] and [Declaration of consent] before the due date. If you haven't decided none of the appropriate rooms, please submit [Application of Student Dormitory] to us.

Dormitory A is our new school property which we own and manage. As it limited room availability, we are going to decide ideal residents by lot, if we have more of people interested.

Introducing School Dormitory

School Dormitory A(We own the building)
Expense:Rent \30,000/month
Utility charge \10,000/month
Entering a dormitory fee \10,000
Facility Charge and Administration Charge \30,000
Linen \10,000
The Total Dormitory Expense which cost a total of \290,000 is advisable to
be paid in a full one day at least one business day before entering the dormitory.
Interior decorating:Size of the Building Brand new, 3 storied building.
Area: 33 square meters, it has 4 separate rooms, ideal for 4 people
Furniture/Home Electronics: Television, Refrigerator, microwave, electric pot, cocking equipment, dishes, bed, washing machine, bathroom, shower bath
*See the photo below for some details.

Room 1

Room 2

Dormitory B(near by our school)
Expense:Rent \25,000/month
Utility charge \3,000/month
Deposit \10,000(Only once when you move in, no refund when you move out)
Bedding \10,000
\188,000 as Dormitory fee for 6months should be paid by the previous day of moving in. Single payment only.
Interior decorating: House size Two-storied house, 4 people in one room,
4 rooms on the 1st floor・3 rooms on the 2nd floor
Floor space 10-15 square-meter/room
Each floor has a toilet and a shower/bathroom
Kitchen and living room are on the 1st floor
*See the pictures below.

Ourside appearance

Male room on 1F

Female room on 2F



Dormitory C(near by our school)
Rents are differ from the difference of interior decorations
Expense:Expense Rent:  From \50,000 to \65,000 (Per Person)
Utility Charge: From \3,000 to \8,000 (Per/Month and Per Person)
A deposit from \20,000 to \40,000 (No refund when you move out)
Approximate Expense when you move in, will be from \70,000 to \235,000
Interior decorating:2 types of the room available depends upon the difference of rents
2 people/room or 4 people/room
Rooms are clean, being surrounded by ideal environment.
Full equipped facilities.
A kitchen, a restroom, a shower, the living are common use parts.
Ideal number of people sharing this facility would be 4 to 6 people.
(Please note that the address may differ depends upon the vacancy of the rooms)
Dormitory D(near by our school)
Rents are differing from the difference of the interior decorations.
Expense:Rent from \65,000 to \80,000/month
Utility Charge: From \3,000 to \8,000/month
Deposit: From \20,000 to \40,000 (No refund when you move out)
Approximate Expenses when you move in, will be from \80,000 to \280,000
Interior Decorating:One person/room
Rooms are clean, being surrounded by ideal environment.
Ideal number of people sharing this facility would be from 1 person to 4 people.
(Please note that the address may differ depends upon the vacancy of the rooms)
Dormitory E(near by our school)
Expense:Rent \59,000/month (Breakfast and Dinner are included)
Utility Charge Actual Cost
Deposit/Entering Expense \100,000 (No refund when you move out)
Approximately \159,000, in total of one month dormitory cost and other expenses,
are necessary when you first move in.
Interior Decorating:Size of the building 7 to 8 storied building.
Area: One person/room 13 square meters/room
Each floor has a Kitchen, bathroom, shower bath and living room.

Remarks:Overseas students are permitted to contact with real-estate companies after having stayed for 3 months when they search rooms in Japan. Contracts are to be made by the one who is going to live in a room, and it is mandatory to have a guarantor who lives in Japan. If no guarantor is found, the one may ask the authentic service for a guaranty company. When dealing with contact with real-estate company, wide range of accompanying expenses are subject to incur such as, key-money, security deposit, deposit, commission charge, and housing insurance are incurred. For example, when you move in a room which cost you \60,000 rent/month, which may cost you in total of \200,000 to \400,000 contract fee, Furthermore, other expenses, such as furniture, and electric appliances, ranges from \50,000 to \100,000 are need to be consider of.