Introduction of School
Introduction of School
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Director Message

Ishizawa Tomoko

2003Graduated from Keio University, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
2017Became Director of AiiA Corporation
2021Currently, being the Chairman of AIIA Corporation

For all the international students aspiring to study in Japan

I am the Chairman of the school :Ishizawa Tomoko.

Tokyo Ikuei Japanese School is one of the top of Educational Institutions in Japan for international students who are aspiring to study in Japan. The school was opened in 2010, and from 2014 the school has located in Shibuya - an information development area of Tokyo. Our school not only has veteran teachers who are passionately in guidance the students through their vast experience but also has numerous programs and various curriculum in memorizing fast and quickly about modern Japanese language . In addition, in order not to make many students who have just arrived in Japan feel to worry about the new life in Japan, we have staffs who can speak English, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese to help the students problems about life in Japan and discuss many issues they are facing in here. The full supportive system has been lasting in our school so long, many graduated students from our school who were fully got Japanese skills then studied in high level institutions or working and all of them have got many great achievements AiiA Cooperation which I am managing is the parents organization of the school. AiiA Cooperation is a group business which mainly focus on Fashion and IT. The company started the business from Southeast Asia and continue to develop successful business to all countries around the world. As the President of the company, I set up the school for my dream as the first step to help people can work actively in international field. We are expecting to get ambitious and challenge people to come here to study.

Principal Message

Fujiwara Nozomu

Tokyo Ikuei Japanese School is a Japanese language educational institution for non-native speakers, founded by AIIA Corporation.

Our school had been carrying out in a quiet and nice area, Meguro ward in Tokyo.
We have had many students come and graduated from our school during this period. They had worked hard on getting Japanese skills and left to move forward on their goals.
Most of graduates are now belong to higher education institutions in Japan, while some others went back to their country and work in their country using Japanese skills.
Tokyo Ikuei Japanese School has put great effort into international interactions, and had been offering our students plenty of opportunities to communicate with native Japanese.
We also had made a contribution to Meguro ward, which has fewer foreigners compare to other wards in Tokyo, for international exchanges with our students and local young students or local volunteer groups, offering opportunities to see each other’s.
In the year of 2014, our school has moved to Shibuya ward from Meguro ward.
At a new place, Shibuya, we promise to make our school grow widely with the foundation of our past experience.
We would like to take advantages of this big city, Shibuya, to build new Japanese education system from now on.

 Firstly, we will make our school multinational accepting students from various countries, and help them to learn other cultures or customs each other. In addition, we desire to expand Japanese education not only to international students but also foreigners living or working in the area of Japan.
Secondly, career guidance will still be our biggest concern. Therefore, we focus on providing guidance about going on to university, vocational school, and also graduate school which might be in demand in the future.
It is our pleasure that we are able to help our students to go on to higher education institutions where they desire to study, so we keep working hard together to support them. Moreover we do our best to help our students who want to work in Japan to get a job so that students can do a successful job searching.

 We hope that many people from all over the world come to our school and study Japanese to make their dreams come true.

School Facilities

2nd Floor:Reception, Office room and Staff room
3rd Floor:Library, Study room and Health-care room
4th Floor to 8th Floor:Classrooms

Free wireless internet access is available anywhere within our school.

AIIA Corporation, the parent organization of Tokyo Ikuei Japanese School, is located in front of our school, on the other side of Aoyama Street.

AiiA inc