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Introduction of School
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Director Message

Hiroshi Hagishima

1971 Established Hagishima Syouji Co.Ltd. (Presently, AIIA Corporation)
Became the Representative Director of the same company.
Currently, holds the same position. (To the present)
1969 Joined Nomura Securities Co.Ltd.
1969 Graduated from Keio University, the Department of Law

For all the international students aspiring to study in Japan

Tokyo Ikuei Japanese School, which is managed by AIIA Group, is one of the top notch educational institutions in Japan for international students who are aspiring to study in Japan.

Having prepared numerous programs and diversified curriculum, we have taken measures to create a suitable environment for the study of Japanese Language. In order to acquaint the students with the Japanese language in a fast and precise manner, we have made arrangements for a group of enthusiastic veteran teachers who will be able to guide you through their vast experiences.

Also, since it is possible to take special classes for the Desired University specifically, the probability of entering into the desired university will increase significantly. We are proud of Tokyo Ikuei Japanese School for having been one of the best educational institutions for enabling the entry into famous universities to the aspiring students.

Furthermore, the school is extending assistance to the international students arriving in Japan to make their stay safe and comfortable. With the presence of fulltime employees who can converse in English, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese languages, we will continue to extend emotional support to the students and also respond to all their concerns towards living in Japan. To the students who have an intention to take up part time positions in Japan, we will continue to provide pertinent advice from the investigation of work environment to the verification of authenticity of contract, etc.

Also, we have made arrangements for special scholarship courses. There are numerous Scholarship Programs for international students in Japan. In these courses, depending on the ability of the students, we provide advice for methods to obtain these lucrative scholarships and arrange the training accordingly. Although great efforts are necessary to acquire the scholarships, we are looking forward to acquire corresponding results for those great efforts.

Students can do some reading in the library or in the spacious Conference Room for free of charge anytime. By arranging a gathering with the university students of Japan at regular intervals, we have thought about a way to understand the real Japanese culture. Through these gatherings, international students will get to familiarize themselves with the spontaneous Japanese language and will also be able to develop friendship with the local Japanese of the same generation.

Tokyo Ikuei Japanese School would like to make the international students understand Japan and make them feel at home once they arrive in Japan. On top of that, we are hoping to raise talented people who might engage in various activities once they return to their native country, or bustle about the nations by acting as a bridge between Japan and their native country upon graduation.

AIIA Corporation is the parent organization of Tokyo Ikuei Japanese School. AIIA Corporation is a group business which focuses primarily on Fashion and IT. Having had dealings with almost all the countries in the world, for the first time in South-East Asia, we have come to realize the necessity of talented people who surpass international borders through these businesses. It is my dream as the Chairman of the Institute and that of AIIA Corporation to educate numerous competent individuals through Tokyo Ikuei Japanese School.

We are hoping that the ambitious and challenging youngsters from every country will participate in the examinations at our school.

Our school has decided to move to Aoyama, Shibuya ward on March 2014. Aoyama is known as an area where people are susceptible to fashion, and there are United Nations University and Aoyama Gakuin University near our new school building. It is the best location of the aspects of culture and education. I would like our students to study hard in the surroundings with feelings of real Japan.

Principal Message

Nozomu Fujiwara

Tokyo Ikuei Japanese School is a Japanese language educational institution for non-native speakers, founded by AIIA Corporation.

Our school had been carrying out in a quiet and nice area, Meguro ward in Tokyo.
We have had many students come and graduated from our school during this period. They had worked hard on getting Japanese skills and left to move forward on their goals.
Most of graduates are now belong to higher education institutions in Japan, while some others went back to their country and work in their country using Japanese skills.
Tokyo Ikuei Japanese School has put great effort into international interactions, and had been offering our students plenty of opportunities to communicate with native Japanese.
We also had made a contribution to Meguro ward, which has fewer foreigners compare to other wards in Tokyo, for international exchanges with our students and local young students or local volunteer groups, offering opportunities to see each other’s.
In the year of 2014, our school has moved to Shibuya ward from Meguro ward.
At a new place, Shibuya, we promise to make our school grow widely with the foundation of our past experience.
We would like to take advantages of this big city, Shibuya, to build new Japanese education system from now on.

 Firstly, we will make our school multinational accepting students from various countries, and help them to learn other cultures or customs each other. In addition, we desire to expand Japanese education not only to international students but also foreigners living or working in the area of Japan.
Secondly, career guidance will still be our biggest concern. Therefore, we focus on providing guidance about going on to university, vocational school, and also graduate school which might be in demand in the future.
It is our pleasure that we are able to help our students to go on to higher education institutions where they desire to study, so we keep working hard together to support them. Moreover we do our best to help our students who want to work in Japan to get a job so that students can do a successful job searching.

 We hope that many people from all over the world come to our school and study Japanese to make their dreams come true.

AIIA Group Industrial Information

◆AIIA Corporation  Founded in September, 1971,  Capital: \100,000,000.- (One hundred million JPY )  Representative Director Hiroshi Hagishima  Sales:\13,800,000,000.- (Thirteen billion eight hundred million JPY)  (For the Fiscal Year Ended February, 2012)  Ordinary profit :\1,900,000,000.- (One billion Nine hundred million JPY)  (For the Fiscal Year Ended February, 2012)  Employees: 400

Apparel Business

LOUNIE, stola., COCO DERL, RD, mimi& roger

200 stores all over Japan.
Established Shanghai LOUNIE as a group company in Shanghai, China.
130 stores in China. Expanding 23 stores in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Media Business

Magazines:Issuing puzzle magazines

Internet games:Puzzle games on the Internet      Mobile games:Puzzle games on cell-phone

AIIA Group Businesses

 ・ANGELICA Co., Ltd.:12 Nursery schools in Tokyo
 ・May-Dream Co., Ltd.:Nursery School in Ginza
 ・Leia Co., Ltd:Aesthetics in Ginza

AIIA Corporation, the parent organization of Tokyo Ikuei Japanese School, mainly operates Apparel business, but also runs various businesses, such as Real estate business, Media business, Cosmetic related business, Food business, and Educational business.
And experts from each business offer a practical lecture, which makes students to consider the essence of business, contains not only listening to the class, but having a discussion, and sometimes going to a field work in order to experience an actual work place.
We trust that the lecture will be rewarding to your future career after graduating our school and vocational school, university or graduate school. In addition, you will be able to receive a job replacement if you have a good performance.
Thus, our school put effort into giving our students lectures directly linked to their career, along with learning Japanese, learning Japanese culture, and getting a college education.
We are very glad to say that our strength is in those lectures, which help students to create their future career, and none of other school can do the same, and it is because AIIA Corporation enables Tokyo Ikuei Japanese School to offer.

History 2010 Founded Tokyo Ikuei Japanese School
2011 Authorized as a superior school
Expanded the number of classrooms from 2 to 4 and 1 spare classroom
2013 Expanded enrollment period to 4 semesters
2014 Relocated to Shibuya

School Facilities

2nd Floor:Reception, Office room and Staff room
3rd Floor:Library, Study room and Health-care room
4th Floor to 8th Floor:Classrooms

Free wireless internet access is available anywhere within our school.

AIIA Corporation, the parent organization of Tokyo Ikuei Japanese School, is located in front of our school, on the other side of Aoyama Street.